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Kevin Villanueva: A Phenomenal Celebrity

Kevin Villanueva: A Young Man Worth Emulating“It started with a simple, single pictorial post on Facebook.  But it paved a way for a seemingly once-in-a-lifetime public fame.”

I am referring to one Kevin Villanueva, whose photo posted on Facebook went viral, with, as of this writing, shares bloating up to 1,760; likes numbering to at least 38,049; and comments running up to 1,917. (Source: Facebook)

Posted right after his graduation from the prestigious Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Intramuros, Manila, his photo — taken by the grave of his parents — came with a tear-jerking caption-cum-message:

“Akala nyu kayo lang ang may picture kasama parents nyu ha 🙂 pero ma, pa this is for the both of you i hope that you are proud of me.”

(Translation:  You would think only you have a picture taken with your parents 🙂 But mom, dad, this is for the both of you.  I hope you are proud of me.)

Kevin Villanueva: A Young Man Worth EmulatingKevin is an orphan.  His parents died before he finished his college studies.  Though bereft of his parents, he still exudes a glitter of happiness and enjoyment on his face amid the grim reality he is confronted with.  As gleaned from his message, he is an atypical example of a young man who is grateful to his parents in spite of their absence.  And this makes him an instant celebrity among mothers out there.

A mom commented:

“Napaka bait mong anak kuya, isa ka sa mga dapat tularan nga mga kabataan ngayon kahit wala ng parents nagsikap para maabot ang pangarap, im sure proud na proud sayo parents mo ngayon” — Dhaine Perjes Escobar

(Translation:  You are a very nice son, my friend.  You should be emulated by young children.  Even without your parents, you are working hard to realize your dream.  I am sure your parents are proud of you.)

Another mom, a friend who is a mother of two children, had her curt remark.Kevin Villanueva: A Young Man Worth Emulating

“You’ve touched the heart of every single parent who’s working hard for the future of their children. I’m sure your parents are so proud of you.  God bless you!” — Christina Caayupan-Quezon

Comments became an outpouring of appreciation.  Let’s find out what Letecia Carbonell had to say.

“Blessings for you, Young Man, for remembering and being grateful for their Love for you…. if only there are more like you, this world would not be this chaotic.”

One commenter reminded him of a biblical verse to give him an assurance of a prosperous life in the offing.

“Honoring your parents has a great reward from God.  Take note his word in Jeremiah 29:11: ‘For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord,” plans to prosper you and not to harm your plans to give you hope and a future.’  Glod Bless!”

From a relative, Joyce de Castro Villareal:

“Even though, they are not with you anymore Kevs (referring to Kevin), you betcha, they are proud of you.  Even though they are done being your physical parents, now their roles (sic) is for them…. being your guardian angel.  Tita (aunt) and Tito (uncle) may not be with you right now.  But they are watching you always, keeping you safe…. They are proud of you, because even through all those tough times, you have been strong.  And we are proud of you.  We love you.”

But I so agree to the comment of one Edward Amba de Guzman.

“This is the most astonishing and exquisite graduation picture I’ve ever seen.  Kevin!  Indeed, your parents are proud of you.”

Like other people, I am also proud of him.  I know there are more people named Kevin Villanueva, but I want to be associated with the Kevin Villanueva, who has touched my and other people’s lives with his curt but striking message.


About Danilo Tao-tuan Naraja

I am an expatriate based in Jubail, Saudi Arabia and work in the Admin and HR Division of an oil and gas company. I am an HR practitioner for more than a decade. I used to work for a Cebu-based local newspaper. I love to write human interest stories and started writing when I was still in high school.


9 thoughts on “Kevin Villanueva: A Phenomenal Celebrity

  1. Hi I am asking for your email address to send you a thank you gift for following my blog. Please send it to Thanks.


    Posted by teribelle | July 23, 2013, 8:58 pm
  2. Hello, I’m from the blog Forever Standing; which you recently started following. I wanted to let you know I’m switching over to a new page! It’s
    Hope you’ll stop by! 🙂


    Posted by joyfulstander | April 8, 2013, 12:51 am
    • Hello to you! I viewed your new blog and found it an excellent one. In doing so, what has stricken me first that much are your taglines: “Committed servant of Jesus. Young wife standing for marriage restoration. Wannabe housewife [future teacher]. Excited for what God has in store.” I appreciate you for being so (and even in using these words): committed…; young wife…; wannabe…; excited…”. As I continued to view your blog, specifically your post “Video: Somewhere in the Middle,” I was really shocked to learn for the first time the message that it conveyed. It made me feel guilty of having been, to borrow your term, in the middle. All the more that I felt guilty with your statement, “…. may we dance undignified and unashamed before our precious Lord.” I have long lived a life in earthly pleasures, and I consider it a total emaciation.

      I am so pleased to quote a few lines from your blog:

      “Fearless warriors in a picket fence, reckless abandon wrapped in common sense
      Deep water faith in the shallow end and we are caught in the middle
      With eyes wide open to the differences, the God we want and the God who is
      But will we trade our dreams for His or are we caught in the middle
      Are we caught in the middle”

      — Dani


      Posted by Danilo Tao-tuan Naraja | April 8, 2013, 6:47 pm
  3. I got a glimpse of Kevin’s story in a TV news recently. Thank you for sharing a special part of his life update on Facebook with us in a creative and moving way. 😀 Nice writing too!


    Posted by Adrian Pantonial | April 7, 2013, 10:16 pm
  4. I could have a similar graduation picture…thank you for posting this. The reality of life without one’s parents is not an easy one…but people love an overcomer, we want to be reminded a smile exists inside our greatest horror.


    Posted by architect of the jungle | April 7, 2013, 9:21 pm
    • You’re welcome! I was in a hurry writing this for me to be able to share with others about him, as I am one of those who had been touched by his message. Before having this post about him, I sent him a private message on Facebook to ask permission if I could write something about him, to which he agreed. Also with his permission, I took only limited info about him from his FB timeline. By the way, I sensed you and Kevin are similarly situated. I am sorry for that!


      Posted by Danilo Tao-tuan Naraja | April 8, 2013, 5:56 pm
  5. very touching and well written.
    thank you


    Posted by alpheba | April 7, 2013, 8:00 pm


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